Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hey, you can lose your bags all on your own!

Just in time for the busy Christmas and New Year's travel season, come word that the march of automation continues for Canadian airlines. Both Air Canada and West Jet are making plans to introduce automatic baggage kiosks, where you can tag your own bags, load them onto a conveyor belt and wish them luck on their journey, hopefully to arrive with you at the destination.

In Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, those same kiosks that print out your boarding card information are being programmed to do much the same for your luggage, letting you do a lot of the work that used to be handled by those desk attendants at the airport.

The Globe and Mail detailed some of the project that is still in the test phase.

Passengers arriving at an airport would go to a kiosk and enter their booking reference number. After printing out boarding passes, consumers can press the screen to print tags and attach them to luggage handles. Once that's done, they walk over to the drop-off area and place their bags on the conveyor belt.

From there we guess you're on your own (even though it seems you've been on your own all the way so far), crossing your fingers and hoping against hope that somehow your bags and you share the same flight and are reunited a few short hours later.

However, the question remains now if the bags don't arrive with you, do you blame yourself?

December 26-Globe and Mail-Airlines want to help you help yourself – by having you check your own bags

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