Friday, December 14, 2007

One Bad Santa can spoil the whole image..

It's as if Billy Bob Thornton took on a part time job with Canada Post.

Letter Carriers in Ottawa have been instructed to intercept all outstanding Letters from Santa, until the Postal Service can get a handle on a batch of particularly offensive letters that were delivered to Ottawa children in the last few days.

Canada Post issued a Press release on Friday expressing their shock and disappointment over ten letters that contained rude, obnoxious and profane laced addendum's at the bottom of the regular Santa message that is distributed world wide by volunteers at Canada Post each year.

The Ottawa district has suspended the letters to Santa campaign while Postal Inspectors and the Ottawa City Police try to get to the bottom of the situation, a process that will involved forensic investigation and fingerprint checks to try and track down the foul mouthed Santa's Helper.

It is suspected that there is but one attitudinal belligerent helper out there, and one thing is certain there is heap of coal coming his or her way on Christmas Eve.

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