Thursday, October 15, 2009

You're not the only one who thinks your internet service stinks!

Ah Peter, back when you had hair (sort of) and the Internet was young and promising!!!

For all those Podunkians and indeed our lurkers from the far reaches of the country who feel that their Internet providers are offering less than they should be, rejoice, your pain is understood from beyond our borders.

A 232 page study titled Next Generation Connectivity, released by Harvard University has rated Canada as 22nd overall out of 30 countries surveyed by Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society, 16th in the world when it comes to broadband applications, 20th place on speed and capacity, and not far from the worst at 25th when it comes to price and a far cry from Finland where Broadband access is considered a legal right.

It's the latest in a number of reports that have not exactly offered up much in the way of praise for either our Internet providers or the CRTC which legislates the entire fabric of the system, criticism that has raised the hackles of the big ISP's who have recently launched their own counter attack to, all the attacks.

Offering up their own study which proclaimed Canada to be a world broadband leader in every measure. Though it seems that they are merely preaching to their own office.

The scathing Harvard report begs to differ on their assumptions , and summed up Canada's half hearted attempts at Internet connectivity as providing (or perhaps not providing) "some of the poorest high-speed Internet service in the developed world and is an example of what not to do from a policy perspective."

With a declarative statement the Harvard report outlined how "almost all of the Canadian companies in the cluster with the slowest speeds and highest prices."

Makes a dandy marketing slogan don't you think, "Slowest speeds; highest prices" the next time your Internet connection crashes, feel free to sing along to the refrain from the chorus...

CBC News-- Canadian broadband blasted by Harvard study

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