Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's the economy (October 17, 2009)

Bono opines on America, the winner for worst Canadian government is.... and Britain hires replacements for soon to be striking Postal workers, some of the items of note for Saturday.

Globe and Mail-- Iraq approves oil deal with BP-led consortium
National Post-- Much whining over value of US$
National Post-- Canada's worst government
National Post-- Take back your cash
New York Times-- A Lifeline Not Made in the U.S.A.
New York Times-- Comedy Aside, an Obama Report Card
New York Times-- Rebranding America
Times online UK-- Mapping the economy: Edinburgh stopped in its tracks
Guardian online UK-- Royal Mail hires 30,000 workers to crush strike
Telegraph UK online-- Britain's secret weapon against a fiscal crisis
Telegraph UK online-- Tax raid on banks planned by ministers
Sydney Morning Herald-- Sam's big slide
Sydney Morning herald-- Ignore cries of woe over soaring dollar
Victoria Herald Sun-- ACCC extends probe on Woolies bid for Danks
Victoria Herald Sun-- Rebound stirs rumbles at Rio Tinto
Brisbane Times-- China in bid to set ore prices
Brisbane Times-- Don't pull the lifeline
People's Daily on line-- China to launch its Nasdaq-style GEM on Oct. 23
People's Daily on line-- Protectionism makes no winner at China's largest trade fair
The Times of India-- India Inc's profit to grow 23%: CMIE
The Times of India-- Festive sales wipe off last yr’s gloom

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