Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's the economy (October 14, 2009)

Rio Tinto sees brighter days ahead... in Australia and Asia, Everyone's watching the Canadian dollar and maybe it's time for America's big banks to pay back that bailout money, some of the items of note for Wednesday.

Globe and Mail-- Mortgage rate hike could cool housing rebound
Globe and Mail-- Firms scramble to counter high dollar
Globe and Mail-- Fat U.S. bank profits mask housing woes
National Post-- Learning to live with a stronger loonie
National Post-- Trillion-dollar black holes
National Post-- Canadian Tire retires from the mortgage business
New York Times-- New Rivals Pose Threat to New York Stock Exchange
New York Times-- Calling on Big Banks to Repay Bailout Now
New York Times-- Times Co. Will Hold on to Boston Globe
Times online UK-- Carry On Flying, perhaps, or Carry On Hatchet?
Rimes online UK-- China slows falling trade in recovery hope
Guardian online UK-- Lloyds asks taxpayers for another £5bn
Telegraph UK online-- Treasury slams EU report warning Britain faces debt spiral
Telegraph UK online-- Back to madness as spreads return to pre-crunch levels
Telegraph UK online-- Sterling is a silver lining as the dark clouds of austerity gather
Victoria Herald Sun-- Rio Tinto calls for recovery
Victoria Herald Sun-- Packer's game spot on
Sydney Morning Herald-- A big swing and a miss in Coalition pledge to axe spending
Sydney Morning Herald-- Let's end culture of dollars for decisions
Brisbane Times-- China renews appetite for Rio iron ore
Brisbane Times-- China realises greening can be good for business
People's Daily on line-- What are China's top 10 Chinese companies?
People's Daily on line-- Russia, China work on gigantic oil, gas cooperation project
The Times of India-- Seven envoys protest India's tax demands
The Times of India-- AI to cut cost by Rs 3,000 cr; govt may give $1bn bailout

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