Monday, October 05, 2009

It's the economy (October 5, 2009)

Canada Savings Bonds; pretty paper but little return, Microsoft's problem is Vista and ad declines see US magazines closed, some of the items of note for Monday.

Globe and Mail-- New CSB rate lowest in at least 20 years
Globe and Mail-- Bell, Telus to launch iPhone next month
Globe and Mail-- Chrysler splits Dodge brand into two groups
Globe and Mail-- Evidence mounts of U.S. rebound
National Post-- New CSB rate lowest in almost 20 years
National Post-- Carney says other countries must do more
National Post-- How the 2008 crash made Keynes trendy again
New York Times-- The Politics of Spite
New York Times-- Condé Nast to Close Gourmet, Cookie and Modern Bride
New York Times-- Woes of Aircraft Leasing Companies Could Mean Higher Ticket Prices
Times online UK-- Tax cuts for firms that create jobs, promises George Osborne
Times online UK-- Human resources departments: I've never understood the point of them
Times online UK-- Is it time to give the consumer power in the boardroom?
Telegraph online UK-- Public sector workers face pay freeze
Telegraph online UK-- FSA's tough new liquidity rules could cost British banks up to £9.2bn a year
Telegraph online UK-- Microsoft never recovered from Vista blow, says Steve Ballmer
Telegraph online UK-- Why look east when there are trade opportunities just over the Channel
Guardian online UK-- Public sector pay freeze plans unveiled
Guardian online UK-- IMF policies deepened financial crisis, says CEPR
The Scotsman-- Fresh fears over financial brain drain to London

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