Monday, October 26, 2009

30,000 plus apparently looking for a new commissioner

The NHLFA, the fan based organization that from time to time offers up some interesting proposals for the NHL's executive offices to consider, have come up with one that we suspect won't get too far along the food chain at the New York office.

In an email forwarded to the organizations 30,000 plus registered members on Sunday, the call for some feedback on the potential replacement of Gary Bettman was put out.

The content of the letter is as follows:

Recently, many suggestions have been received from Members related to the activities the NHLFA should pursue in its attempt to have Gary Bettman removed as the commissioner of the NHL this season. One such suggestion is to coordinate a league-wide protest week that will rally fans attending games to hold signs calling for the dismissal of Bettman.

If you would like to contribute an idea, please visit

The link provides access to the organizations mini poll, as well as a place to outline some creative ideas, designed to move Mr. Bettman out to pasture.

While we suspect that they are preaching to the converted in many locations across Canada (with no doubt a huge response to come from Hamilton where we imagine servers will crash in the avalanche of ... he's gotta go... support) it really in the long run won't mean too much to the various suits that sit around the Board of Governors table.

The thirty (ooops 29, cause really who the hell owns Phoenix anyways?) owners are probably more concerned about their financials than the hurt feelings or angst of the frozen land above the 49th parallel.

They in the end may find that its becoming tiresome this need to be constantly propping up teams such as Phoenix because of the Commissioners refusal to see the light, and that just maybe Mr. Bettman's time is up.

But then it will be more because their wallets are getting lighter, rather than their conscience is bothering them about the dismissive nature of returning hockey to Canada.

Still, for the fans, who feel rather powerless in all of this these days, the chance to vote and vent will most likely prove to be rather popular.
Item is originally from the HockeyNation blog

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