Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's the economy (October 20, 2009)

Canada won't follow Australia's lead, CN's profits decline and England prepares to be burdened for a generation, some of the items of note for Tuesday.

Globe and Mail-- Why interest rates will remain low
Globe and Mail-- Strong dollar a threat, central bank says
Globe and Mail-- CN profit falls 13 per cent
National Post-- Canada is no Australia
National Post-- Natural gas 'could end up being net neutral'
National Post-- Obama's team to wind down TARP
New York Times-- In Fraud Case, a Deal That Lost Millions
New York Times-- Rising Debt a Threat to Japanese Economy
New York Times-- Volcker’s Voice Fails to Sell a Bank Strategy
Times online UK-- Flash a red light on reckless lending
Guardian online UK-- Financial crisis will burden a generation of British people, says Bank chief
Guardian online UK-- Business failures predicted to surge in 2010 as recession deepens
Telegraph UK online-- Return of high oil prices threatens real damage
Telegraph UK online-- As Credit Crunch II looms, we must learn to escape risk of moral hazard
Victoria Herald Sun-- Pacific Brands expects more plant closures
Victoria Herald Sun-- Carbon cringe multiplied
Brisbane Times-- BHP rides the greenback wave
Brisbane Times-- Merchandise imports into Australia rise
Sydney Morning Herald-- RBA shifts focus to fighting inflation
Sydney Morning Herald-- Oil Search share offer snapped up
People's Daily on line-- Mainland-Taiwan economic agreement will benefit both
People's Daily on line-- China, Germany sign cooperation on low carbon product certification
The Times of India-- SC to hear Ambanis' gas dispute today
The Times of India-- 80,000 workers on strike in Haryana, work disrupted

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