Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Same lattitude, slightly different attitude...

Barriere, a small town of about 1900 residents, north of Kamloops in the Thompson Valley, has apparently seen the future of tourism and it's a direct link to a famous British landmark some thousands of miles to the east...

Barrierre town council is giving some serious thought to creating their own version of Stonehenge, mindful of their mutual habitation of the latitude of 51 degrees north.

Barrierre's interpretation of the Druid temples of Salisbury Plains would be a scaled down version, one more user friendly than the original version in the UK and one which apparently will factor in a playground and water park within the development, though not on the vital vista of 51 north.

The Province-- Barriere considers erecting Stonehenge replica
CBC News-- B.C. town mulls Stonehenge replica
Globe and Mail-- B.C. town to build Stonehenge replica
Vancouver Sun-- B.C. town of Barriere plans to erect its own Stonehenge

Of course, it's not the first time that the topic of Stonehenge and replicas has come up, perhaps a review of the cautionary tale below will highlight how the best of intentions, can go horribly wrong, very fast...

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