Thursday, October 08, 2009

It's the economy (October 8, 2009)

The US dollar tumbles, the Loonie soars and Gold shines bright again, some of the items of note for Thursday.

Globe and Mail-- Greenback slide sparks ripple effect
Globe and Mail-- Recovery? Stay tuned
Globe and Mail-- Radler sits out CanWest paper chase
Globe and Mail-- Dash-8s to get a facelift
National Post-- Jenkins urges debate on dealing with bubbles
National Post-- Loonie breaks through US$95 cents
National Post-- Gold hits fresh high for third straight day
National Post-- Declining greenback is now the world's pain
New York Times-- Defiant Chamber Chief Says ‘Bring ’Em On’
New York Times-- Global Economic Crisis Rescues European Bank
Times online UK-- A fair wind blows yet again over Pall Mall
Times online UK-- Obama reiterates confidence in Geithner
Times online UK-- Latvia fears lead to bank protection in Sweden
Telegraph online UK-- Britain overtakes US as top financial centre
Telegraph online UK-- Firms to switch from Royal Mail over strike threat
Telegraph online UK-- Shell to build world’s largest ship for gas plant
Telegraph online UK-- Jim Rogers predicts that commodities boom could last 20 years
Guardian online UK-- Royal Mail workers vote for nationwide postal strike
Guardian online UK-- US house prices could still fall by 10%, says pundit who foresaw credit crunch
The Scotsman-- Hope amid gloom as exports slump
Sydney Morning Herald-- Big four banks raise rates by 25 basis points
Sydney Morning Herald-- Jobless rate falls to 5.7%, fuelling rate rise fears
Sydney Morning Herald-- Evidence big four are among the crisis winners
People's Daily on line-- China's new loans to hit 1.8 trillion yuan over next four months: report
People's Daily on line-- Home trading in Beijing hits 3-year low
The Times of India-- Inflation worry may weigh heavy on rates
The Times of India-- Tricolour crusade on Facebook farmlands

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