Sunday, October 04, 2009

It's the economy (October 4, 2009)

The Big Banks balk, the group of seven begins their sunset walk and is the reovery faltering, some of the items of note for Sunday.

Globe and Mail-- Big banks balk at reform plans
Globe and Mail-- A bear's ‘bad feeling:' Is the recovery faltering?
Globe and Mail-- United States unemployment will top 10 per cent: Greenspan
National Post-- Flaherty calls for more IMF reforms
National Post-- We're living in a plastic world
National Post-- Recovery will be very prolonged: Krugman
New York Times-- China Yearns to Form Its Own Media Empires
New York Times-- Group of 7 Begins a Slow Fade
New York Times-- Bonds Boom as Investors Flock Back
Times online UK-- The crash could not kill our faith in capitalism
Times online UK-- George Osborne needs to lift the Tory veil
Telegraph online UK-- The result in Ireland shows that Europe's usurpers have succeeded
Telegraph online UK-- You can't trumpet a housing market revival on a low number of sales
Telegraph online UK-- Bank of England's Paul Tucker: banks should pay levy for cleaning up future financial crises
Guardian online UK-- Britain asks World Bank to cut officialdom and speed up aid
Guardian online UK-- G7 elite group makes way for G20 and emerging nations
People's Daily on line-- Revenues of China's listed firms make up 37.67% of 2008 national GDP
The Times of India-- Continue stimulus packages: IMF tells Asian nations
The Times of India-- Indian cos best in terms of employee satisfaction: Study

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