Thursday, October 29, 2009

Responding to a constituents needs can be a dangerous thing

It's one thing to be a political fighter, but to have to actually throw a few punches on the side of the road probably isn't in the MLA manual.

Saskatchewan Party MLA Lyle Stewart began Thursday like any other day, heading off in his car to do the people's work at the Saskatchewan Legislature.

On his way to the pursuit of good governance however, things went a little off the rails when he pulled over to assist what he believed to be was a man with a truck stalled off the road in a ditch.

As he got out of his car to lend assistance the man that Stewart thought was an injured driver turned on the MLA, threatening the use of a knife and eventually attacking him with a pen while attempting to gain control of the car. As the 58 year old MLA battled the man for control of his car, he managed to call the police on his cel phone, only to have them phone him back in the midst of the fight to confirm his story.

A thirty minute scrap finally ended with Stewart holding the attacker down on the ground until the police arrived to take him into custody.

In one of those little ironies of life, the now accused turns out to be a resident of Stewart's riding, one suspects that he won't be on the MLA Christmas card listings this upcoming festive season.

CBC Saskatchewan-- Sask. MLA fends off pen-wielding carjacker
Regina Leader Post-- Thunder Creek MLA Lyle Stewart subdues attacker in attempted carjacking near Regina

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