Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's the economy (October 10, 2009)

Office space the next economic indicator to watch, the one stop destination for tax havens and in Asia the investments come from an auction house, some of the items of note for Saturday.

National Post-- Is office space the 'next shoe to drop'?
National Post-- The diktator
New York Times-- Small Banks Fail at Growing Rate, Straining F.D.I.C.
New York Times-- A Bounce? Indeed. A Boom? Not Yet.
Times online UK-- Britain's banking crisis: how it happened
Telegraph online UK-- Time to take a stand against Little Brussels
Telegraph online UK-- Message in a bottle at Asian auction
Telegraph online UK-- 'Benign currency neglect' could spell real danger for US economy
Guardian online UK-- Emission impossible
Sydney Morning Herald-- Joyce ready for great leap at Qantas
Sydney Morning Herald-- Stay calm, they speak with forked tongues
Sydney Morning Herald-- All aboard for the ride of your life
People's Daily on line-- GM, Sichuan Tengzhong make a deal on Hummer
People's Daily on line-- Chinese vice president: China expected to achieve 8% growth rate
The Times of India-- Centre to strengthen PSUs: Pranab
The Times of India-- There are 18,857 firms in this one building!

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