Friday, January 11, 2008

Thank You, Thank You, we’re here all week!

Looking to lure David Letterman to sample some of the down home humour and atmosphere of Nova Scotia, the organizers of an e mail campaign have called out the big gun!

Nova Scotia Premier Rodney MacDonald, has taken some time off from running the day to day workings of the province, to post his own video Top Ten List, ten reasons why Letterman should come on up for a visit.

From a chance to get away from annoying Paul Shaffer fans, to a shot at guitar playing Republican Mike Huckabee, MacDonald does a pretty impressive job of selling the charms of the province to the You Tube generation and hopefully Letterman and his producers.

And if for some reason Letterman wont’ come to Nova Scotia, perhaps MacDonald can go to Letterman, his fiddle playing ending to the video invite would double nicely as an audition tape for any talk show host.

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