Saturday, January 26, 2008

Revenge of the Nerds: Has Scientology met its match?

Apparently spurred on by attempts to control the flow of information over a recent Tom Cruise tribute to Scientology, a group of computer hackers has banded together to wreak havoc on all that L. Ron Hubbard has brought to this earth.

Definitely showing that they'll never achieve Thetan status, the group which has christened themselves with the name Anonymous, has already released released hundreds of pages of Scientology material which normally would require a fee for followers of Hubbard's tracts.

They also are claiming success in slowing down or even temporarily closed Scientology Web sites, all part of their war for the hearts and minds of Scientologists world wide.

To that point, the group has also released their own video (see below), an online declaration if you will that states they will continue the fight, and promise that "should one of their own fall, ten more will take up the challenge".

The video from Anonymous has so far been viewed by over 1 million people, numbers which have been assisted by the recent mass media attention that their message has received. It's probably not as many as the numbers who took in the original Tom Cruise video which started the Anonymous group to formulate their plans. But still enough to no doubt gain the attention of the upper echelons of the Scientology collective.
Proactive as they are, it would appear that pressure from the top levels of the organizationn has been able to stop the Cruise video from time to time, but in the world of anarchy that can be the internet, somethow it keeps popping up, ready to entertain a brand new audience.

According to an entry on the wikipedia site, Scientologists have a term for people that cause it trouble or exhibit what they call anti-social behavior, founder L. Ron Hubbard called these types SP's, for Suppressive Personalities.

The term is often applied to those whom the Church of Scientology perceives as its enemies or those that are said to impede the progress of individual Scientologists or the Scientology movement.

You know we're going out on a limb here, but we suspect that Anonymous and their fellow travellers will probably fit the bill quite nicely.

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