Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The hangover begins before your first sip

At 400 dollars Canadian a bottle, picking up a case of this beer for Super Bowl Sunday could require taking out a loan at your bank.

Carlsberg has launched a limited run of what they call their Vintage Number 1, an expensive little brew that promises the hint of caramel, vanilla, oak and cherry port bitterness, not to mention prunes, which if you think of it might not be exactly what a beer drinker might want at 400 a pop.

The exotic price of Vintage Number 1, is 357 times more expensive than their next most expensive brand, and will propel Carlsberg well into first place in the most expensive beer listings. Their new offering will far surpass the current champion, Boston Beer Co.’s Utopia, which costs about $100 for a 72-centiliter bottle.

Only 600 of the 375ml bottles will be made, and will be only sold in three Copenhagen restaurants and the stock is moving quickly, so far they have sold 52 of their exclusive stock. Of those 600 bottle each one will host a hand stencilled original lithographic print by Danish artist Frans Kannike as a label.

Making each empty bottle worth 100 dollars each, needless to say you won't be finding many donated to local bottle drives we suspect..

The Age (Australia)--$450 beer a bit hard to swallow

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