Sunday, January 27, 2008

Maybe it's Poland that should put Canada on the watch list

Australia may think that Canada is a dangerous place, but if anyone is going to put the nation on a watch list perhaps it should be Poland.

There will no doubt be more ramifications for the RCMP, after another policing incident with a Polish immigrant in British Columbia over the weekend.

The latest situation involved the Langley RCMP who during the course of an arrest, injured a new immigrant to Canada from the Eastern European country, in the course of what would turn out to be mistaken identity, the 27 year old man suffered cuts to his face and scrapes to his knees.

The police who were looking for a thief, came across a man who they thought was a suspect at a Langley bus stop. In the process of their arrest the man was injured and detained, only to be released a bit later when the situation became clear that the man in custody had nothing to do with their investigation.

After the incident was completed the Police, apologized and offered the mistakenly arrested man medical attention and took him to his place of employment, as requested.

Coming as it does on the recent tasering tragedy at Vancouver International Airport, the Polish embassy will no doubt be taking an increased look at how its nationals are being treated while in Canada.

They may be two isolated and as the police put it "a simple coincidence", but for the Polish government perhaps a warning sign that they need to reinforce some messages on behavior.

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