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Podunkian Music Club January 12, 2008


The British alternative band made news around Christmastime with a pay what you want campaign for downloading their latest recording, In Rainbows off the internet. Every faithful fans and the curious, were invited to log onto the bands website and contribute what they felt was fair share for value of the music that was being offered, an interesting approach to music delivery that no doubt left more than on music executive a little nervous.

They haven't released and final numbers yet as far as how the promotion went (the download version now having been taken down from the internet) , but the more traditional method of release from the past has just been launched with a CD Version of their latest recording now up for sale. Coming with what is reportedly a slightly better sound, something that may or may not annoy those many faithful fans that launched the downloads.

It's just one of the more adventurous moves from the band, who have been slowly rising in the music world since their debut on the British music scene back in 1986. Seven recordings have come since those early beginnings, providing a sound that shows some of the early influences such as Queen, Joy Division and other eighties artists.

Interestingly enough while they are now beginning to find an audience of devotees loyal to the sound, there are any number of other bands which have been finding success built upon the same sound that Radiohead has been crafting for the last twenty years. Imitation as they say is a form of flattery, but surely Radiohead might have appreciated the accolades first before the atmospherics took root.

As is the case with most devotees, their fans are quite rabid about their band. They make up a devoted group which finds every song a masterpiece, and every note a remarkable achievement.

Those that have been on the bandwagon the longest are certainly ready to share the word with the late arrivals just don't offer too many opinions until you've had a chance to immerse yourself in their library, otherwise it would seem that your fate won't be a peaceful one.

Recording--In Rainbows

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