Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Goodbye, Rudy Tuesday?

Oh how I wish I were the first to come up with that one, as political pundits have turned to the Rolling Stones to sum up the potential fortunes of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Mayor America, has run the most bizarre campaign of any of the would be Republican nominee seekers, having pretty well ignored every primary so far, concentrating on tonight's Florida primary, an unusual bit of politics which has seen him pretty well set up camp in the sunshine state, working on a nice tan and what he hopes will be a nice vote turn out come late Tuesday.

It's been a widely talked about strategy, described by some as confusing if not almost self destructive.

As if on cue, rumblings are making the rounds today, that should Giuliani fail in Florida there's a good chance that he will drop out of the race, all that would remain would be whether he exits before Super Tuesday or tempts fate with a potentially embarrassing shut out in his own home state among other locales.

New York Times--Rudy's identity crisis
Seattle Post Intellignencer--The Rudy brand is in danger

All will be watching that vote total as it rolls across the network crawlers tonight, a loss in Florida and as the say it will all be over once the the skinny guy starts to sing.

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