Tuesday, January 22, 2008

On the bright side, at least he was behind the preacher!

Martin Luther King had a dream, and perhaps Bill Clinton had one two, as the President is caught napping during a rather high octave service commemorating the slain civil rights leaders achievements on Monday.

Not only does the ex prez nod off from time to time, but he also sneaks a few looks at his watch as the tribute continues.

Clinton who has been taking a more proactive approach on behalf of his wife Hillary during the Presidential primaries, has been involved in some rather vibrant verbal sparring with Barrack Obama, the key competitor for the job that Mrs. Clinton would like to claim.

Nodding off at a Martin Luther King event, probably isn't the best way to help out the cause, unless of course some video turns up showing him nodding off at one of the missus' events as well!

After all, politics is an equal time proposition.

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