Sunday, January 27, 2008

Podunkian Music Club January 26


"If you don't like this band, I can't imagine a more horrible experience."
Bono joking with reporters upon the release of U23D

With a new movie just released, in cutting edge 3D no less. The Irish lads will once again be testing the boundaries of their audiences attention spans and providing ammunition for those that as Bono says may not particularly be their fans.

The movie which is described as the first live action 3D motion picture ever filmed made its debut in New York City earlier this month. Featuring footage of the bands Buenos Airies concert in March of 2006, it reportedly provides an experience unlike anyone has seen at the movies since the interesting if quirky 3D experience first arrived on the scene.

Bono and the boys brought their latest artistic endeavour to the Sundance Film Festival in mid January, where everyone got the chance to put on the spiffy 3D glasses and wait for Larry Mullen Jr. to appear to be playing on their knee.

That effect and many, many more have quite a few film reviewers singing from the same song sheet as the buzz begins to build around the project. Considering the nature of the movie, the regular triple cinema won't be handing out the glasses, in British Columbia so far, only one theatre has been signed on to showcase the film, so dedicated U2 fans will be heading for the Imax theatre at Canada place for their visual and aural enthusiasm.

Interestingly enough, the project seems to be a co-production with National Geographic, perhaps meaning that U2 have now become an anthropological study for the ages.

Tonight on the music club we feature one of the songs from the movie, seeing as it was taken from the Vertigo tour, we've gone with the title track.

No fancy visuals here, no three dimensional view or life size Bono about to crush you like an ant from the big screen. To set the scene you can check out the movies trailer, after that we'll leave it to your trip to the big city or the eventual DVD release, which we assume will come with your very own set of U2 3D glasses.


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