Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Googles of January 2008

Our listings of the Google Alert items that come across our mail server on a daily basis. Archived here for your viewing enjoyment.

January 31--Treasures return from exile
January 31--Coons calls for halt on South Fraser Perimeter Highway plan
January 30--Rail slowdowns leave grain shippers uneasy
January 30--Alaska under sail
January 26--Prince Rupert Harbour development threatens Coast Tsimshian remains
January 24--Awards are dished out
January 24--Prince Rupert Harbour development threatens Coast Tsimshian remains
January 24--Local Trade Mission Planned For Beijing Olympics
January 24--B.C. port study rocks the boat
January 23--Will Rupert's port cost Prince Geroge jobs?
January 23--Prince Rupert police, officials worry about increased gan activity
January 23--Officials release 3-year summer ferry schedule
January 22--Alaska ferry service from Bellingham WA being cut in half
January 22--CN puts faith in new B.C. terminal in coming year
January 22--CN reports Q4-2007 net income of C$833 million
January 22--National Bank bullish on railways despite expected Q4 earnings drag
January 22--Legislature must improve ferry system
January 20--Slurry pipeline may be answer for Mount Klappan
January 18--Port of Prince Rupert 2007 tonnage growth makes major strides
January 18--Sex workers dogged in lush locale
January 18--Prince Rupert's ship continues to come in
January 16--Highway 97 promise isn't forgotten
January 16--Kamp Announces Federal Investments for Improvement Projects at British Columbia Fishing Harbours
January 16--River valley now complete
January 15--Big cities, big aboriginal population
January 15--54% of aboriginals live in urban areas
January 15--Fortune Minerals Announces Slurry Pipeline Transport Study Results
January 14--Douglas Eyford appointed to negotiate with First Nations on Prince Rupert Fairview container terminal issues
January 13--Gang activity growing in the North
January 12--Edmonton on new Silk Road
January 11--Chance of summer flood threat looks low as snow pack at normal levels
January 11--Prince George Mayor Kinsley Wrong In Prince Rupert Port Authority Shipments
January 11--Coast is clear for super port in Saskatchewan
January 10--Proposed ferry schedule reduces access to Bellingham
January 10--Kinsley plays up overseas business opportunities
January 10--New Plan To Encourage Manufacturing
January 9--BC Ferries rules against discipline over oil mix-up
January 9--Living the adventure
January 9--Students start doctor training
January 8--Mayor Optimistic About P.G. Future
January 6--Twice yearly Nechako flood may be norm
January 5--Two earthquakes rumble West Coast waters: no Tsunami warning
January 5--New batch of medical students soon to hit town
January 4--B.C. First Nations artists get exposure in Melbourne, Australia
January 4--Values of Home Sales Higher In '07
January 4--B.C. Ferry with engine trouble remains stranded on Central Coast
January 4--Developer bullish about 2008
January 3--Ferry delayed, passengers put on planes
January 3--Backlin more upbeat than ever about city's future
January 3--Oil problem strands Northern Adventure passengers
January 3--Northern Adventure delayed for emergency oil change
January 2--BC ferry makes unscheduled layover

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