Friday, January 25, 2008

Bring your appetite, wallet and maybe your cardiologist

Gluttony, it is definitely alive and well in California. If you're looking for the beef, then look to Fat’s Grill and Bar in Stockton, California.

The kitchen magicians of the local eatery there have concocted one of the largest hamburgers ever made in California, a 222 pound slab of beef that must have required a staff of ten to flip on the grill.

Included in the record setting burger was a small truckload of condiments including 40 pounds of tomatoes, 480 slices of cheese and 19 heads of lettuce, plus a mondo sized bun to finish off the project.

Lets see 222 divided by four, that would be 55.5 quarter pounders, pretty well a decent days work at one of the better known fast food chains, all tied up in just one burger.
For those inclined to dine on the monster, perhaps book time for your angioplasty today, surely it's only a matter of time before all of that 222 pounds of cholesterol will have to be pushed along through your arteries...

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