Saturday, January 12, 2008

Podunkian Business Tracker

Well we've meant to do this for the last few years for the blog, but it always seems to have slipped through the cracks of our intentions, a list of businesses in town that open or close this year.

So with the year still relatively new, we'll endeavour to get things back on track.

Below we'll list those new ventures that launch in Podunk this year and commemorate those that fall by the wayside. Since we're being told that things are on the upswing these days, we suspect that the green "new" entries will outpace the red "closed" ones, but as with anything time will tell.

If you may notice a new business start up or see the dreaded brown paper show up in a window overnight, drop us a line at so we can try to keep up to pace. Items will be listed as we come across them, not particularly on the date that they may open or close. Hopefully, we'll be at least in the ball park within a month or so of the situation.

While our first entry actually closed in late December, we'll start off the list with it, just for the sake of having something to put down to kick things off. It all might make for an interesting report card by the time the municipal election rolls around in November..

June 2009 (closed) Westburne Electric 3rd Avenue East
May 2009 (opened) Home Building Centre Rupert Square Mall
April 2009 (relocated) Salty Crab Gifts Rupert Square Mall
April 2009 (relocated) Digital Printing Rupert Square Mall
March 2009 (closing) Home Hardware 3rd Avenue West
February 2009-- (opened) Pacific Coast School 2nd Avenue West
February 2009-- (opened) Fields Department Store Rupert Square Mall
February 2009-- (closed) Lasting Memories Scrapbooking 3rd Avenue West
December 2008-- (closed) Phil Pott Evitt Rupert Square Mall
November 2008-- (opened) Bamboo Shoots 2nd Avenue West
October 2008-- (closed) Papa Jazzie's 3rd Avenue West
September 2008-- (closed) Something Speical 3rd Avenue West
August 2008-- (opened) Bambino Outfitters 3rd Avenue West
June 2008 (opened) Good Times Games and Electronics 2nd Avenue West
April 2008-- (opened) Lasting Memories Scrapbooking 3rd Avenue West
April 2008-- (closed) Cindy Lee Barbers 3rd Avenue West
March 2008-- (closed) Adlan Gifts 3rd Avenue West (closed May 2008)
March 2008-- (closed) Yes Dear Jewellery 3rd Avenue West
January 2008-- (closed) Green Apple McBride Street, (to be demolished)
January 2008-- (closed) Fabric Boutique 3rd Avenue West
January 2008-- (closed) Curves, 2nd Avenue West
January 2008-- (closed) Sisters, 2nd Avenue West

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