Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Prince George residents cast a wary eye on the economic futures after a night of major fires.

The Prince George Fire Department found Monday night to be one of a historic nature, as a fire at one Prince George Sawmill, sparked a number of other fires across the city leaving a major employer devastated and other local industries counting their losses.

The initial fire at Canfor's North Central Plywood mill, flared up in the early evening of Monday sending burning, flying embers off in all directions a number of which landed in the BCR Industrial site and resulted in a warehouse and rail yard fire that was continuing to burn through the night and into Tuesday.

At one point during the night, City officials declared a local state of emergency in order to free up the Fire Department to seek out all resources to combat the string of fires, the most number of major fires ever in one night in the history of the city's fire department

When officials began to tally up the cost of Monday's night of flames, they were left with the prospect of one of the city's larger employers pondering its future and many others trying to sort out their own options.

Listed below are some of the numerous reports on the night's activity, above at the top of the piece is a YouTube entry posted today about the developments in Prince George.

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