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Podunk Below the Masthead May 2008

A daily look at the BIG TYPE headline of the Podunkian Daily News.

We'll list that day's BIG STORY, the one the Daily puts out in the big type just below it's masthead, for all Podunkians to ponder.
There will be a link to this feature on the right hand side of the blog.On Wednesdays and Friday's you can access all the stories of the Daily News free on their website, on the remaining days you end up at a dead end, asking you to go purchase your paper, for (as Paul Harvey would say) the rest of the story.

MAY 30--MP VOWS TO KEEP FIGHTING FISHERIES 'PRIVATIZATION' BILL--With the Conservative Government of Stephen Harper continuing on with plans for the fishing industry, the local MP Nathan Cullen finds that there is growing calls in the Northwest to find a way to stop that legislation. (see story here)

MAY 29-- CITY CHARTS COURSE TO DEAL WITH SHORTAGE OF MOORAGE --The Daily News manages to turn the yachting facility story into a two parter, this time featuring details of the concerns of city council on the issue (see story here)

MAY 28--CITY MISSING THE BOAT OVER VISITING YACHTERS' DOLLARS--Yacht club members bemoan the lost revenues to the city due to a lack of mooring facilities in the city (see story here)

MAY 27-- 'HAND OVER SEA LICE DATA’ FISH FARM CRITICS DEMAND-- Environmental groups continue with their atttempts to gain access to government information on sea farms and sea lice (see story here)

MAY 26-- RIDLEY TERMINALS SHAKEUP BRINGS CHANGES AT THE TOP-- A changing of the management team at Ridley Terminals leaves the community talking and wondering about future plans (see story here)

MAY 23--CITY STILL ‘OPTIMISTIC’ DESPITE END OF ROYOP’S MALL PLANS-- The cancellation of plans to build a shopping village on the outskirts of the city doesn't dissuade the city that good shopping is a coming one day (see story here)

MAY 22--JOBS ON THE LINE AS SCHOOL DISTRICT MULLS $2M SHORTFALL--More details on the budget situation with School District 52 (see story here)

MAY 21--SCHOOL PULLS TOGETHER TO SECURE CRUCIAL FUNDING--Conrad School finds success with the Indigo Books love of reading competition (see story here)

MAY 20--TEACHERS BRACE FOR BIG CUTS AS SCHOOLS BUDGET SLASHED--School District 52 facing a more than 2 million dollar budget shortfall begins its process of deciding on job cuts and other cost cutting measures (see story here)

MAY 16-- LOCAL FIRM HELPING COLLEGE TRAIN A SKILLED WORKFORCE--Prince Rupert Grain continues to provide funding for trades training at Prince Rupert's NWCC (see story here)

MAY 15--SALMON REPORT LIKELY TO MAKE WAVES IN INDUSTRY--The Pacific Salmon Foundation issues a report that would see major changes to the fishing industry (see story here)

MAY 14--HOMEOWNERS FACING FOUR PER CENT TAX HIKE FROM CITY--City council takes three votes and finally comes up with yet another tax increase (see story here)

MAY 13--CLEAN-UP OPERATION ENDS AS BARGE TOWED TO ALASKA--The logging barge that spilled fuel into Prince Rupert harbour heads north to Alaska for complete repairs (see story here)

MAY 12--LACK OF DEBATE OVER CRUCIAL BILLS HAS MLA CRYING FOUL--The Liberal's move to limit debate on a number of legislative bills leaves teh NDP opposition disappointed and concerned (see story here)

MAY 9-- POLITICIANS LOOK FOR WAYS TO TURN RISING TIDE OF POVERTY--Prince Rupert suffers drop in income over the last few years, as the economy continued to struggle (see story here)

MAY 8--SPILLED FUEL CLEAN-UP UNDER CONTROL SAYS COAST GUARD--Day two of the barge fuel clean up provides the opportunity for a number of questions about marine and environmental safety along the coast (see story here)

MAY 7--GROUNDING OF LOG BARGE OFF METLAKATLA ANGERS VILLAGE--A log barge from the Charlottes is intentionally grounded in a cove in Prince Rupert harbour, leaking fuel into the ecosystem (see story here)

MAY 6--COONS AND POND EAGER TO SEE TSIMSHIAN ROAD DOESN’T STALL--The ever popular political chestnut the bridge to the airport surfaces again (see story here)

MAY 5--TEACHERS OUTRAGED AT NEW FRASER INSTITUTE RANKINGS--The annual Fraser Institute Report into elementary education once again proves controversial (see story here)

MAY 2-- MP BRACING FOR 'ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATING' FISHING SEASON--Expectations of bad news from DFO on the fishery continue to grow in the Northwest (see story here)

MAY 1-- COURT’S DECISION WELCOMED BY B. C. FISHERIES WATCHDOG-- The B. C. Fisheries Survival Coalition weighs in on the recent controversial Lax Kw'alaams court ruling from the B. C. Supreme Court (see story here)

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