Monday, May 19, 2008

Popular Mechanics turns its attention to the Queen of the North sinking

Popular Mechanics magazine has done a feature length story on the ill fated journey of the Queen of the North in March of 2006. The publication uses the Transportation Safety Board report, as well as first person interviews with a number of those that went out to rescue the passengers on that night, trying to make some sense of the fourteen minutes of distraction that resulted in disaster.

Done in a time line fashion, the magazine outlines the key moments of the journey and the rescue plans put in place out of Hartley Bay and through the Canadian Coast Guard. Starting with the vessels 8 pm departure time out of Prince Rupert, the path of the vessel to its final resting place off of Gil Island is recounted, with incidents and observations recorded as the hours and minutes tick by.

While its an interesting review of the tragic night, it does come with a few flaws as outlined by no less an authority than the Commanding officer of the Coast Guard vessel Point Henry who leaves a commentary in the feedback section correcting a few of the errors in the publications presentation.

Still it's an interesting read and fairly detailed look at the last hours of the Queen of the North, the first vessel of the BC Ferries fleet to sink since the Ferry service took to the province's waters in 1960.

The full report will appear in the magazine's June 2008 edition and it's online version can be found on the magazines website, complete with a number of photos.

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