Monday, May 26, 2008

Mayhem around the Lougheed Way

It was the kind of television fare that seems common on Los Angeles Television but a rare occasion in Canada.

However Monday morning, Vancouver joined the big leagues of live television coverage of a in process police chase through the streets of Maple Ridge and on to some of the busiest roads in the Vancouver area.

The incident began shortly after 7 am in Maple Ridge when a driver took off in a large 5 ton truck leading the RCMP on a frantic trip through the busy streets of rush hour Vancouver, the chase was picked up by Global BC's traffic copter about twenty minutes in and came to an end shortly before eight am when the driver tried to back down the wrong lane of traffic and then ended up on a shoulder of the road at which time he abandoned the vehicle.

His run for freedom was short lived as he made a dash up the highway, only to be hit by an RCMP SUV and then taken down by the rest of the remaining officers on the scene.

During the course of his driving spree he had come close to hitting a number of cars driving down the road, hit a police car and provided for more than a few anxious moments for anyone that stumbled into his path.

CKNW news reported later in the morning that the incident began when a distraught man had challenged police to shoot him, then took off on his wild trip through the streets.

It made for an event which left the Global morning news crew to scramble to actually have to cover breaking news, as opposed to the lighter fare normally featured on that station in the morning period.

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