Wednesday, July 08, 2009

There's no place like home, there's no place like home.

The recent debating issues of School Disctrict 52 were overshadowed last week with the surprise announcement that Kim Morris, the Secretary Treasurer for the District had submitted her resignation and was heading back home.

Morris has accepted a position with the school district of her Kootenay hometown, a move which seems to have caught SD 52 by surprise and comes at what can best be described as some confusing times for the local board.

No word on whether she clicked her heels and asked if there was any place like home, but like Dorothy of the fabled Wizard of Oz, Ms. Morris has certainly seen some strange things on the North coast in the last six months.

The Daily News outlined the reaction at the School District and provided a bit of background on what awaits her at her new job.

Unfortunately for Rupertites eager to learn more, in addition to the Sec Treasurer leaving, so did the remainder of the story, not making it to page seven, leaving us all rather curious as to how the fable turned out.

By George T. Baker
The Daily News
Friday, July 3, 2009
Pages one and seven

Trail's gain will be a loss for Prince Rupert.

That is how Tina Last sees it.

For the second time in less than a year the School District will be looking to replace a key figure in its administration. Secretary Treasurer Kim Morris has decided to take up a similar position with District 20, Kootenay-Columbia, in her home district.

Last said that Morris' decision to leave was a personal choice to be closer to family and said that her decision to leave came as surprise to school board members.

But she was nothing but complimentary of the job Morris did, who was working as a Secretary Treasurer for the first time.

"She came in here at a pretty critical time. 1 didn't really understand the severity in having our senior management team - two out of the three leave at the same time," said Last.

Last was talking about when Brian Kangas and Dan Rodin left in 2007, which left a void that was eventually filled by the since departed Eric Mercer and Morris. -

When both Kangas and Rodin left at the same time there was a huge operational void left in their wake. Last said when board members met with other district trustees, they were smacked with the daunting task of having to replace both positions in one year.

"And it is because they are pretty key pieces. So, once again we are back in that boat again two years later," said Last.

"Kim came in and worked incredibly hard to get up to speed and, when faced with school closures, she got the numbers and made sense out of it all."

(Remainder of story was listed as on page seven, but alas, never made the six page journey)

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