Friday, July 03, 2009

Robin Gomez found Not Guilty in Victoria Hockey trial

"If this judgment went the other way, I'd have to retire because I'd be in court the rest of my life. I mean, it can't change the way I play hockey ... I've not apologized for it and I'm not about to apologize for it"-- Former Rupertite, Robin Gomez, shortly after being found not guilty of assault over an on ice incident in Victoria.

Thursday afternoon brought relief to the family of Robin Gomez, with the decision of Judge Michael Hubbard, that Gomez was Not Guilty in regard to a controversial on ice incident during an ECHL game in Victoria in March of 2008.
In that incident Las Vegas player Chris Ferraro was injured during an altercation with Gomez, suffering the effects of what was described in court as a "sucker punch" delivered by Gomez.

With his ruling Judge Hubbard stressed that he was not suggesting that he approved of violence in hockey, indeed he stressed that it was his belief that the game would be better off without it, but with the current league rules that are in place, the participants of the game do consent to some level of violence.

It was within that interpretation, that Judge Hubbard must have concluded that the Gomez incident fell within the regular level of violence in the game and did not exceed the norm that would progress to assault.

The court decision today appears to have been a great relief to Mr. Gomez, who suggested after court that had found him guilty, he would have had to retire from hockey as he would be in court "for the rest of his life".
While he no longer need be concerned about criminal charges, he still faces a civil suit which was filed by Ferraro earlier this year.

Prior to his court appearances of last month, Gomez had been let go by the Victoria Salmon Kings, suspended by the ECHL and in fact played in a different league last year.

He is hopeful to find another team to play for this season, believing that he has a few more years of hockey left to play.

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