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Podunk Below the Masthead Archives July 2009

Our archive of the daily headline findings from Prince Rupert's Daily News newspaper, this one for the month of July 2009.

July 31-- PR MAYOR IS THE BEARER OF GLAD TIDINGS-- After a few years of growing concern, some of the main priorities of health care in Prince Rupert appear to be in the process of being addressed. The Friday paper featured the details of some upcoming initiatives by Northern Health for the North coast, the glad tidings the featured attraction of the front page (see story here)

July 30-- ARTWORK THAT LETS THE SUN SHINE THROUGH-- The front page, headline story of the day features a look at Doug Moore's stained glass windows. A commisioned piece, recently installed in his Prince Rupert home (see story here)

July 29-- COMMERCIAL FISHERMEN ARE GETTING IMPATIENT-- The boats remained tied up and the gill fleet wonders where its season is going if it's not already gone. The Daily News outlines the latest developments of the salmon season with a front page headline story in the Wednesday edition. (see story here)

July 28--RUPERTITES ARE TAKING A LONG LOOK AT THE HST-- The reaction is growing fast with the Gordon Campbell Liberals in effect yelling out "surprise" with their recent announcement that BC will harmonize its taxes with the Federal GST. And British Columbians are looking towards July of 2010 with a little bit of anger over the potential increases in tax collection on such things as haircuts and housing sales to name a few. Tuesay's Daily News outlined some of the background on the Harmonization project. (see story here)

July 27--HEARING IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE-- Front page headline status is given to the joys of grapegrowing in Podunk ad the Daily examines, the successful harvest of grapes of a Prince Rupert family. (see story here)

July 24-- FISHERMEN CONVERGE ON THE DFO OFFICE-- 35 commercial fishermen took their demands to the Prince Rupert offices of DFO last week, a last ditch attempt to convince DFO officials to review their recent announcement as to fishery openings, anxious to have DFO allow them to head out to the fishing grounds. (see story here)

July 23-- GROWING EXCITEMENT FOR THE GREEN THUMBS OF RUPERT -- The Annual Prince Rupert Garden Tour is here this weekend and Thursday's Daily News outlines the struggles and successful moments of gardening on the North Coast. They profile Andree Fawcett's contributions to the garden scene as the front page, headline story in the Thursday paper. (see story here)

July 22-- ETHNO-BOTANY PROVIDES OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN CULTURE-- A Northwest Community College course, which combines First Nations history with the study of plants that are found in the Northwest provides for an interesting combination. The Daily News outlined the details of the Ethno-Botany class offered by the college and how it is having an impact on learning more about First Nations culture (see story here)

July 21-- A ‘REEL’ EXPERIENCE FOR TEENS IN RUPERT-- Some local Prince Rupert youth are learning the ins and outs of film making, as the Reel Youth program once again returns to the Northwest. The details of the week long program were outlined in a front page, headline story in the Tuesday paper (see story here)

July 20--PRINCE RUPERT A HIT WITH THE 'R FAMILY-- Last weeks arrival of the weekly cruise ship Norwegian Star provided the city with one of those seven stages of celebrity seperation, as the 'R Family Cruise made its first ever stop in Prince Rupert. (see story here)

July 17-- ANNUAL ELDERS GATHERING A GREAT SUCCESS-- The 33rd annual gathering of Elders took place in Terrace this week and the Daily provides some of the highlights of the event which attracted over 3500 participants. The review of events provided for the front page headline story of the Friday edition (see story here)

July 16-- PROVINCIAL CHAMBER SHOULDERS LOCAL FERRY ISSUES-- The local Chamber of Commerce is already harvesting the fruit of its recent hosting session for the provincial chamber, as the province wide organzation comes in with support for a Prince Rupert initiative to improve Ferry service along the coast. Seeking to have the province recognize the ferry service as an extension of the highways system, the local chamber is hopeful that with the support of the provincial body those initiatives will move forward. (see story here)

July 15-- CITY LOOKS TO THE FUTURE OF WATERFRONT BUSINESS-- The waterfront's lure is apparently calling the city, part of the city's rezoning project is a plan to make the waterfront more attractive for business opportunities, one of which may soon be the long promised redevelopment of the old CN/VIA rail station. The Daily outlines the details on the new focus on the waterfront as its front page headline story (see story here)

July 14-- A MAN WITH A MISSION WANTS TO TALK TO THE COUNTRY-- Tuesday's paper outlines the cause of Rodney Graham, a Winnipeg man who is out to get the country to embrace hemp as the future for paper making when it comes to the unsolicited mail that we find piling up at our doors. The front page headline story, delves into his crusade and tries to draw a parallel of sorts to the days of the Great Trek to Ottawa of the Depression. (see story here)

July 13-- RE-ZONING STIMULATES THIRD AVE AND WATERFRONT-- Continuing on with their theme of silver linings at every turn, the Daily outlines how some recent developments along Third Avenue and on the waterfront portend for better things for the community. Providing some details on the status of a project on the waterfront in the old CN building as well as one new and one transplanted store setting up shop in the city's commercial hub. (see story here)

July 10-- GETTING READY FOR THE DANCE-- Friday's front page headline story features a look at the local Unglis Haida Dancers with a look at the training sessions that they have embarked on this year as well as the preparations that they made prior to their appearance at the recent appearance of the RCMP Musical ride in Prince Rupert (see story here)

July 9-- NEW ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OFFICER GETS DOWN TO BUSINESS-- An impressive resume and perhaps a different vision for the economic future of the city, that in a snapshot appears to be what Nellie Cheng may be bringing to her new position as the Economic Development officer for Prince Rupert and Port Edward, the Daily News provided some background on her as the front page, headline story (see story here)

July 8-- PORT EDWARD IS THE LITTLE COMMUNITY THAT COULD-- The opening of Port Edward's new playground is given full coverage as the front page, headline story in Wednesday's paper (see story here)

July 7-- A PEEK INTO CORAL GARDENS OF THE NORTH COAST-- If the newspaper came with a soundtrack we would no doubt be hearing that Disney favourite Under the Sea, as the front page, headline story in the Tuesday edition featured a look at the undersea coral arrangements of the North coast.(see story here)

July 6-- LOCAL INVENTION SOLVES FUMIGANT PROBLEMS AT TERMINAL-- Two members of the Rupert based CBSA operation have been recognized for their inventive natures, as they create a fumigation system for use on containers to be inspected (see story here)

July 3-- SUNWAVE HAS DROPPED THEIR ASSESSMENT APPEAL-- With Sunwave's parent company China Paper Group dropping their property tax assessment appeal, the rumour mill once again gets stoke at what the future for the old pulp mill site may be, the Daily News examines the latest developments in a front page story (see story here)

July 2-- LESTER CENTRE GATHERS TO CELEBRATE SEASON OF VOLUNTEERS-- The hard work of the volunteers of the Lester Centre was acknowledged during a celebration at the Arts Centre last week, the Daily News provided the details in their front page, headline story. (see story here)
July 1--LOCAL COPS RAISE TEN GRAND EN ROUTE TO SEATTLE-- The successful travels of two Prince Rupert residents is detailed in the Canada Day edition, as the Daily News reviews their efforts during the Vancouver to Seattle tour known as the Ride for Cancer. (see story here)

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