Wednesday, July 08, 2009

It takes a village to print a paper…

Monday’s Daily News provided some insight into last weeks troublesome ways at the Daily News. As returning Assistant Editor Wendy Webb outlined the herculean efforts, that the staff at the Daily went to as they tried to get the paper out to their subscribers.

We are taken into the heart of the crisis last week, complete with its endless days, long drives down a highway and the extra steps that were taken to keep the local news machine running.

I’m Ba– a-ack!...

It was a great three weeks in dry and dusty Saskatchewan, but it's lovely to be back in Prince Rupert's green ... green ... green!

Editorial Column
Wendy Webb
Just Call Me Charlotte
The Daily News
Monday, July 6, 2009
Page 4

It can be easy to forget how fortunate we are to get all this rain that we love to complain about, but a few days on the shrivelling prairies is enough to make a body grateful for all that the rain provides.

Likewise it can be easy to take for granted all the good service and hard work that people put into their businesses and projects around here.

As a society, we have come to expect that all things should be perfect at all times and best not let the human (or technical) realities of life interfere with that perception.

I came back to hear stories of the editorial staff at the Daily News that made me proud.

I heard of the tremendous hours that Patrick had put in to cover the Editorial seat, as well as his own, while I was away.

I listened as someone explained that George had only one day off in three weeks through all his efforts to cover the many events during this busy time.

Likewise Monica, always a trooper, had put in more than her share of stories and pics for our readers.

Let's not forget Ellen, whose valuable role as Editoral Assistant was vital during my absence.

I heard of a critical issue with computer software that prevented the paper from reaching the press last Monday and the herculean efforts offered by all to resolve the problem and get a paper out to our subscribers.

The press men were here until eleven o'clock that night. Patrick, as acting editor, put in a nineteen hour day and Ellen volunteered major overtime.

Let's not forget our General Manager, Mike Archer, who arrived from Fort St. John only to immediately turn around and drive to Smithers, when the paper had to be printed elsewhere. He didn't get back until one in the morning.

Everyone in business has these kinds of events from time to time and they always seem to happen when the staff is short or the boss is away or at some other most inconvenient moment.

It is my hope that all customers of all businesses in town, including that of the Daily News" have the opportunity to appreciate just how dedicated the staff of our local enterprises can be and how often the owners, managers and staff of our local businesses have gone that extra mile for their customers.

People may think the big city offers more variety in the way of goods and stores but there's nothing like the homestyle service offered by the local businesses around here.

Let's remember to appreciate what we have - the grass is not always greener elsewhere.

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