Thursday, July 16, 2009

Standing on the corner, waiting for the stars to go by!

Thursday will be bring your camera to work day, as Podunk will be buzzing with speculation when the Norwegian Cruise Lines Norwegian Star pulls alongside for it’s weekly visit.

R Family Tours has booked space on this weeks sailing, providing no shortage of rumours in Rupert about potential stars that may be tagging along for the Inside Passage ride.

Already today the local on line social network hackingthemainframe has been wondering aloud as to whom may be coming ashore for a visit tomorrow.

And who could blame Podunkians for their quest for the famous, on the R Tour website part of the marketing of the tours offers up the potential of rubbing elbows with Cindi Lauper, Mellisa Etheridge or Gloria Estefan, to name a few… not to mention the possible arrival of the genial hosts Kelli and Rosie.

R Family provides family friendly cruises for gay and lesbian patrons, offering up what is described as a week of community, learning, laughter and love is all in store as we celebrate our freedom and pride.

The Tour organization was founded six years ago by Gregg Kaminsky & Kelli O’Donnell , its services offered are frequently touted by O’Donnell’s partner, entertainer Rosie O’Donnell, who frequently describes the tours as providing a welcoming atmosphere for both gay and straight travellers.

The success of the travel offerings has become a bit of a travel industry sensation, with R Family providing a number of options for their customer base. This week in addition to the Prince Rupert port of call, another tour group is exploring the east coast where St. John, New Brunswick is playing host to a cruise visit.

A destination where the passengers were going to "get married and take advantage of some very fabulous, liberal, open-minded Canadian laws."

What Rupertites no doubt want to know however, is if any of the names in Entertainment may be wandering from Cow Bay through to the Cultural and Historic Downtown districts and then on to the Third Avenue Marketplace? Though you have to think that tour organizers are probably bemoaning the timing of last week’s Musical Ride, if only the schedules had worked out we suspect that there would have been some wonderful publicity for Rupert in the future if that had been on their travel agenda.

At any rate, while the tourists are checking out our tourist offerings, we suspect we shall be checking the tourists out, looking for a few names to toss around the coffee shops over the next few weeks.

Cameras at the ready, there will no doubt be reports of potential sightings right up until the ship sets sail for Seattle at 10 pm.

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