Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chances sees giant leap in revenues in 2008-09

With a full year of operations under their belt, Chances Prince Rupert is finding that "Fun is good" and indeed profitable, especially for the financial department at City Hall.
With some sizable increases in revenues for the most recent reporting year, what seems to be good for Chances bottom line, seems to be of interest to the City as well!.

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation's Annual Report has been released and in among the details of what the Lottery Corporation does for the province, is the listings of revenues for all of the gaming centres of British Columbia.

Chances Prince Rupert has seen a rather sizable increase in its numbers in this first full year of gaming overlooking the waterfront, the figures collected for the annual report outline the revenues from both slots and bingo, and both it seems are proving popular with Prince Rupert residents and visitors.

The 100 slot machines at Chances took in revenues of $8,606, 670 in 2008-09, while the 209 Bingo seats in the Main Hall at Chances brought revenues of $1,473,616 in the last year. All that action on the gaming floors takes the Prince Rupert totals to over $10,080,206 for 2008-09.

Those numbers compare impressively to the shortened opening year for Chances of 2007-08, when the combined Prince Rupert totals for slots and Bingo was only $3,998,146.

Prince Rupert's community share of that gambling winfall was $520,981 in 2008-09, almost three times as much as the 2007-08 numbers when Rupert only received $190,606 as a byproduct of our gambling ways.

The financial picture was put together from numbers tabulated as of March 31, 2009.

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