Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

As we take the day to celebrate all that makes this land great, perhaps take some time to test your skills when it comes to the past.

The Dominion Institute offers up a Canadian icons quiz, you can test your recall of those long past history classes by clicking on this link.

Speaking of History classes, the Institute has launched an online petition calling for the nation's educational system in each province to increase the amount of Canadian history that they teach today's youngsters.
If you wonder why they know more about the Jonas Brothers, than they do about the Donnelly brothers, it could be because the subject of Canadian history seems to be on the cusp of extinction.
You can learn more about the topic from their website and if you're feeling particularly nationalistic today, you can sign the petition too!

After you've done your bit to preserve our history, perhaps you will be in the mood for a party!

The City of Prince Rupert website has details on the Canada Day celebration planned for Mariners Park today, it gets underway at Noon and runs until 4 pm, the Fireworks take place tonight at 11 pm, you can view them from the Prince Rupert Waterfront or from Mariner's Park both great locations for viewing the festivities.

Enjoy your day and celebrate our good fortune!

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