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Podunk Below the Masthead, Thursday, July 2, 2009

A salute to the Lester centre volunteers and more fall out from the forced departure of Dan Veniez from Ridley Terminals highlighted the Thursday edition of the Daily News.

LESTER CENTRE GATHERS TO CELEBRATE SEASON OF VOLUNTEERS-- The hard work of the volunteers of the Lester Centre was acknowledged during a celebration at the Arts Centre last week, the Daily News provided the details in their front page, headline story. (see story below)

The other item of note for the day's news was the developments at Ridley Terminals, which recently saw President and CEO Dan Veniez fired by the Federal Government, the thursday paper featured some of the thoughts of local political types on the firing as well as some thoughts on where the Federal government may be going with Ridley (see stories here)

The sports page focused on plans for some rejuvenation on local trails in the area.

Total pages of the Thursday edition (14)

Front page, headline story:

By Monica Lamb-Yorski
The Daily News
Thursday, July 2, 2009-07-07
Pages one and three

The Lester Centre of the Arts used 5200 volunteer hours last season.

"We have 140 front-of-house volunteers and 10 backstage," theatre manager Crystal Lorette told people gathered at a volunteer appreciation tea held in the theatre lobby Saturday afternoon.

In September the theatre holds it annual volunteer orientation evening "Next year come out and bring a friend," Lorette said.

"We set a goal to double our membership this year and we surpassed that. We have 168 members."

After thanking her board, staff and the volunteers, Lorette outlined the upcoming season at the theatre.

Things will start off with Murray Mclaughlin, Marc Jordan, Ian Thomas and Cindy Church in a Lunch at Nan's concert in October. .

Mid-October will see a Reprise of "Pink Floyd - the Wall," (performed by Triple Bypass) followed by A Made In BC touring dance show, Light and Metal in November. J

"We'll be having a theatre magic show and for Rupert's centennial, "Prince Rupert the Musical, being organized by Peter Witherly," said Lorette.

Missoula Children's Theatre will be back again for a week of theatre where 50 local students will participate and be part of a play.

Other plans include the Homecoming in May and a family entertainment night for Seafest.

Each year PRSS drama teacher Alison O'Toole arranges 'for some her students to provide entertainment and this year seven students participated.

Graduate Jan van Vianen , who is off to Canadian School of the Performing Arts in Victoria this fall, did a musical and this year seven students' theatre piece from Little Shop of Horrors.

Meanwhile Gregory Miller, Rhianna Rimmer, Jessica Feser, Caitlund Catherall, Stephen Huddlestone and Jack Thompson performed two Monty Python skits - one about outdoing each other with memories about being poor .. and buying an argument.

The winner of this year's volunteer appreciation draw of a trip for two to Vancouver return, donated by Hawkair, was Sylvia Johnson.

Lester Centre Board Member Karen Basso and Lindsay Brown, Lorette's assistant at the Lester Centre and a Hawkair employed, presented Johnson with the tickets.

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