Saturday, July 11, 2009

From around the corner and up your street, the Google car is here to take a peek!

Like a town facing a sudden burst of UFO activity, Prince Rupert is abuzz with reports of the Google mapping vehicle making the rounds of the city. Mapping our street visuals for inclusion in the on line data base of world communities.

Like many other cities and towns around the world, Prince Rupert may soon join the list of those with a comprehensive street view of what we look like, a snap shot of the city on an overcast July afternoon (at least it wasn't a monsoon day!).

Hopefully, you had time to mow the lawn and wash down the front of the house for your "close up", though it would appear that the Google sessions may be all but complete now, such were the various reports today of where the google car was and what it was doing.

For better, our trendy Cow Bay area or newer housing areas, or worse, our increasingly derelict looking Third Avenue West (which is going to make a rather dismal street scene), the images will soon be there for all to view for perpetuity or until the next time the Google car arrives in town for an update.

Like the crew from Ice Age, all it seems we can do for now is, "smile and wave" as the car goes by.

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