Thursday, July 09, 2009

Don't get mad, get even and write a song...

As they say, revenge is a dish best served cold!

Having a valued guitar allegedly broken by United Airlines baggage handlers is proving to have been one of those once in a lifetime career breaks for a Halifax musician.

Dave Carroll flew the apparently not so friendly skies last year only to find that his cherished $3,500 custom-made Taylor guitar had been badly damaged somewhere in transit, adding to his woes the apparent dis-interest of United officials to make good for his angst.

So like any good artistic type he turned his pain into potential gain, with a song about his less than happy journey and now it would seem, more exposure for he and his group the Sons of Maxwell, than ever before in his fifteen year musical career.

His video "United breaks Guitars" has become one of the hottest of hits on the You Tube platform, receiving something in the area of 20,000 hits an hour at the height of the frenzy this week, as of last night his video was the most popular music video of the day on You Tube passing by the 150,000 hit mark before the midnight hour struck.

For their part United seems a tad chastened by all the less than desired publicity, apparently reaching out to Carroll, no doubt in hopes that the Sons of Maxwell have plans for a follow up hit, one where Guitars are treated like gold and maybe their fellow passengers too!

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