Friday, July 17, 2009

The fish head inland, the swimmers, they head for the sea

My parents may think I'm a little bit nuts, but they're excited and supportive of the endeavour-- 33 year old Ali Howard announcing her plans to swim the Skeena from its headwaters to the ocean at Prince Rupert.

A Telkwa woman seeking to raise awarenss of environmental awareness for the Skeena watershed, will take to the Skeena on Tuesday ready to tackle the challenges offered by the Northwest's powerful river currents.

After a month and a half of practice on the Bulkley and Suskwa rivers, Howard with a team of eight working with her is ready to make the swim to Rupert.

Her trek is expected take her some 28 days to complete and offers up some dangerous moments to come, from fast currents to whirlpools, through the eddys and making much needed portages at times, not to mention having to contend with the cold temperatures of the Skeena for extended periods of time.

When she's not preparing to swim the mountain cooled rivers of the Northwest, she's preparing food as a professional cook at the Bearclaw Lodge in the Kispiox, where she became an advocate for the preservation of the Skeena Watershed.

If all goes according to plan she'll complete her journey in the mid to late portion of August, claiming a bit of the Skeena as her own.

Her journey is being previewed at the Skeena watershed site, and she has set up a site on Facebook to track her travels.

Vancouver Sun-- Water polo player hopes to become first person to swim entire Skeena River

CKNW profiled the planned swim on the Bill Good show on Friday morning in the 11:00 am hour, you can access the interviews and background on it from the CKNW audio vault or from the Bill Good podcast.

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