Friday, March 05, 2010

It's the economy (Friday, March 5, 2010)

Men are the big losers in the global recession, raising a red mitten hand for Canada's Olympians and Iceland prepares to say no to debt relief, some of the items of note for Thursday.

Globe and Mail-- The euro under pressure
Globe and Mail-- Tim Hortons to open 900 new stores
Globe and Mail-- Men take brunt of job losses in global recession, survey finds
National Post-- Welcome to the 'jukebox economy'
National Post-- New plastic Canadian money will attack fraud
National Post-- Police, protesters clash as Greece passes austerity plan
Vancouver Sun-- More than 3.5 million pairs of red mittens supported Canada's Olympians
Vancouver Sun-- New property tax deferral a boon or a bane?
New York Times-- For Auto Towns, an Obama Emissary Is Ambassador of Hope
New York Times-- Senator Bunning’s Universe
New York Times-- For Older Workers, a Longer Job Search
USA Today-- Unemployment rate unchanged at 9.7%; 36,000 jobs lost
USA Today-- Frigid Florida winter is bad news for tomato lovers
Guardian UK online-- No financial help for Greece, Merkel tells Papandreou
Guardian UK online-- Icelanders to vote no on debt deal
Guardian UK online-- Fraud charges for 'America's prophet' who claimed to predict stockmarket
Times online-- Pent-up fury drives debt referendum in Iceland
Times online-- Wen Jiabao targets 8% growth and promises more rural spending for China
Telegraph UK online-- Greece is a harbinger of austerity for all
Telegraph UK online-- Norwegians’ vote of confidence for gilts purchase
Telegraph UK online-- Scrap VAT exemptions to rescue economy, says think tank
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Building activity grows again, but pace slows
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Australia's jobless prospects looking brighter
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Westpac opens London branch
People's Daily-- Central Bank: China will adopt proper measures at proper time
People's Daily-- China plans "proper, sufficient" supply of money, credit in 2010
China Daily-- China sets 8% target for 2010 economic growth
China Daily-- As homes fall, desperation rises
Times of India-- 'India, EU should conclude FTA by Oct'
Times of India-- ANZ coming back to India

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