Monday, March 22, 2010

Everybody into the resume pool! The City seeks new Director of Recreation and Community Services

There apparently will soon be a major change around the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre, with the posting of the latest help wanted ad at City Hall. A development which apparently provides some fact to the many rumours around town, that Michael Curnes has decided to move on to a new phase of his career away from civic employment.

While we await the announcement of Mr. Curnes's new career options, it gives us a chance to look over the rather extensive list of requirements for what will soon be his old job, as posted on the City's website, outlining those key elements for the next enthusiastic leader to join the City’s senior management team as Director of Recreation and Community Services.

With the city's employment advertisement outlining that the City is on the verge of major growth due to unparalleled port expansion, it examines just what they are looking for in a highly motivated individual who excels in recreation and community development, ready to lead the City into the future.

Among the requirements the city is looking for; an individual with outstanding organizational and inter‐personal skills, a broad range of experience, and a keen sense of customer service. The ideal candidate will be an innovator with long‐term vision, possess an open, team oriented leadership style, and enjoy the challenges of seeking continuous improvements in service delivery.

Synergy is apparently a key component of the position, requiring the ability to liaise with community groups, arts and culture organizations, museums, performing arts facilities and educational institutions, to provide the best level of service possible to the people of Prince Rupert and visitors to our community.

The ability to work well with council and city staff is apparently an important requirement as well, as is the understanding of the sensitive nature of civic business.An area of employment that requires the expectation that the successful candidate will not divulge or disclose any secret or confidential information, or any information, which the Employee receives or becomes aware of in the course of the Employee’s employment and which relates to the City, the City’s operations or undertakings to the other Employees of the City or any other persons with whom the City has dealings

No numbers are provided as to salary and such for the position, though in its outline of the job description, The City of Prince Rupert explains that the union exempt position offers a competitive salary commensurate with qualifications and experience, supplemented by a comprehensive benefit package.

If you're inclined to investigate further the full detailed list of requirements and background information on the position can be found on the city's website.

If you have the long‐term vision they are loooking for and enjoy the challenges of seeking continuous improvements in service delivery, Gord Howie is accepting resumes at City Hall until April 9th at 4:30 pm.

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