Saturday, March 06, 2010

Canada's newest multi millionaire bought a ticket somewhere in the Bulkley-Stikine

If you did some lotto ticket shopping east of Prince Rupert this week, check your tickets!  Friday night's drawing of the Lotto Max lottery has brought a giant winfall to someone who purchased a ticket somewhere in the Bulkley Valley-Stikine region.

The Lotto Max website shows that the 19 million dollar jackpot was split in half on Friday, with a ticket holder somewhere in the Northwest and one in Abbotsford collection 9.5 million each for their long shot quest for financial ease.

The specific point of sale has not bee identified by the BC Lottery Corporation as of yet, so it will be interesting to learn which Northwest community spawned the winning seven numbers.

On the off chance you may have purchased your ticket somwhere to the east of Prince Rupert, here are the winning numbers from the Friday night draw, 05 08 18 22 32 39 45 bonus number 19, it takes seven of seven numbers to join the ranks of the multi millionaires!

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