Monday, February 02, 2009

Groundhog bites man, film at eleven!

Staten Island Chuck predicts, that Mayor Bloomberg will need a tetanus shot!

It was only a matter of time that our incessant desire to roust a groundhog from his peaceful slumber would come back to uh, bite us...

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg learned a valuable lesson on this Groundhog Day, leave sleeping groundhogs to lay...

The Mayor with a full battalion of television cameras on hand took part in the annual Staten Island groundhog wakening, an event that guest of honour, Staten Island Chuck didn't seem inclined to partake in.

Chuck, who also goes by the alias of Groundhog Charles G. Hogg, took a chunk out Mayor Bloomberg, his retribution for the Mayor's unflattering wake up call deportment.

Somewhere in New York we suspect thousands of groundhogs are giving each other high- fives throughout the city's parks and scrub lands, thankful that finally they've begun the battle to reclaim Groundhog day as a day to sleep in.

Chuck's forecast: Six more weeks of misery, especially for politicians so unkind as to wake up a restful groundhog..

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