Monday, February 02, 2009

Consensus among groundhogs

Humans have once again conducted their annual February ritual of waking up unsuspecting groundhogs, rousing them from a fitful slumber, all in a quest to divine whether winter shall linger or depart early.

The troika of the most acclaimed of the fat, furry rodents have been consulted and apparently all are in agreement, those that live above the ground will face the rigours of winter for six more weeks.

From Shubenacadie Sam, to Wiarton Willie and down the road to Punxsutawney Phil , all poked their heads out of their homes, saw their shadows and returned to bed, leaving the rest of us to our own devices for the next six weeks.

You would think we might learn after all these years, perhaps if we let the Groundhogs sleep through the day, ther perhaps the winter may just fade away...

Get ready for six more weeks of winter
What Wiarton Willie sees
Why groundhogs come out early
Will Willie weather the scientific truth squad?

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