Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Where the blogosphere’s mind is at

Well we proven one thing at the ole Podunk this week, scandal sells!

My normal traffic on this humble portal is not of an earth shattering nature, a few loyal visitors return each day, and some bring a friend or two. But for the most part, the crowd that swarm to the embrace of the Podunkian point of view is shall we say, smallish.

That is until Tuesday’s click count came in. A normal day at the Podunk sees anywhere between 50- 60 hits on the site. Not enough to get me a major contract with Slate, Salon or any number of other major websites, but still enough to keep my fingers plugging away through the week in search of interesting things to share.

Tuesday however we crashed over the 100 hits point by the witching hour, an impressive surge of Podunkian visitors.

Could it be the thoughtful piece on the Middle East? Perhaps the hopeful story about a return of football to the nation’s capital? Then again it could have been the late breaking news from Monday of a fire in the east end of Podunk.

Well we’d like to think that it was all of that and much more. But we’re under no illusion here; it’s simply a picture of a Prince, a grin and a grope.

Yep, Prince Harry it seems is the new savior of the web. The tale of his night of debauchery seems to have resonated around the world and even here in Podunk.

It reminds me of a tale that seanincognito once told of his blog (currently on an extended hiatus) and Britney Spears, a simple mention of Ms. Spears and perhaps a portion of her anatomy had the blogging world clicking his site at a rapid clip.

Titillation it seems sells, tales of misbehavior seem to be what the blogging public wants. Researching those thoughtful pieces, well it’s a thing of folly it seems.

We’ll file away this bit of information for future reference, one thing is certain if you want to gain your hits, you have to show some………………..

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