Monday, August 28, 2006

This Man is Not Santa Claus!

Donald Rumsfeld did a tour of the Alaska military bases over the weekend, talking to the troops, boosting morale and fielding questions from families desperate to hear news that the war in Iraq might soon be over and their boys and girls will be coming home for good.

In what was described as a lively give and take debate with those families of Alaskan based soldiers who had their homecomings delayed due to a mission extension, Rumsfeld and the families exchanged thoughts on the current mission and how it may impact their loved ones in the future.

The 172nd Stryker brigade was all but packed up and heading for home, when their tour of duty was extended by four or more months. Owing to a detirorating situation in Baghdad, the 172 was required to stay on longer to try and bring some order to a particularly unorderly part of the world these days. In fact some of those from the brigade who had returned home, had to pack up and head back over to Iraq again. Giving new definition to the term military snafu.

Prior to that gathering Rumsfeld held discussions with reporters en route to Faribanks, during that session Rumsfeld stated that: "I’d love to be Santa Claus. I’m not"

Which gets us to wondering if Rumsfeld has ruled himself out as Santa, and most likely the President probably doesn't fit the bill either, then who in the administration might be the closest to the guy with the white beard, a jolly elf with some helpful elves and reindeer.

The options don't seem particularly good, none of the Presidents current administration, nor the lights of the past, has really shone in the required traits to be a good Santa. Now the Billy Bob Thornton version, well geez where's the line up to start!

But hey there may be one that fits the bill in a few categories. Maybe it's Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, we figure this since Homeland Security is supposed to be keeping an eye on things. A very important Santa trait we assume.

Surely Homeland Security would have a list and checked it twice, most likely they know who is naughty and nice.

So if Santa is a bald, skinny guy, with stubble then this could be our guy!

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