Sunday, August 13, 2006

And they’re buying a stairway to heaven!

It’s the radio contest that has all soul! Or is it want's your soul? Chez 106 a Classic rock station in the nation’s capital has announced that its listeners can now redeem their listener points to receive absolution from an Ottawa area church.

For one million “platinum points”, the Church of St. John the Evangelist an Ottawa area Anglican church, will absolve you of your past sins, and no doubt hope that you’re not a return customer any time soon.

The Rev. Garth Bulmer of St. John's had approached the station about purchasing some advertising on the capital’s rocker, to get his flockers (and other wayward ones) to reflect on their lives a bit.

Instead, he and the promotions people at Chez came up with the concept of an absolution of the airwaves.

One assumes that the capital’s political class need not bother to apply! Heavens above, surely it will take more than 1 million platinum points for that sub class of life in Ottawa to receive absolution.

There surely are not enough points in the Chez catalogue to give them anything to clear their consciences.

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