Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Happy Labour Day! A fable to make Donald Trump proud

Radio Shack stands ready to receive the accolades for the most callous of employers for 2006. The Fort Worth, Texas based electronics chain, which has been suffering some serious financial problems of late, conducted a mass firing Tuesday morning of 400 of its employees, most of them working for the head office.

However, instead of the traditional sit down face to face with a store, district or department manager, the unlucky 400 were dismissed by e mail, deleted if you will as easily as it is to purge a file from a desktop file.

Radio Shack justified its horrible handling of formerly valued employees by stating that they had previously informed the workforce on an in company intra net that there would be a purging of the ranks. Just leaving out the names and details and no doubt letting everyone suffer sleepless nights together. Company officials took pains to explain that they had asked for on line questions from the sheep, er employees. This is truly a hands on operation!

While the warnings were probably there, they had after all closed over 500 stores and liquidated a large number of stock to cut costs, the impersonal nature of the announcement probably set a few back on their heels, despite the severance packages being provided.

In a perverse kind of reward, Radio Shack shares actually went up 29 cents after the mass purge, though we suspect that their stock of office supplies dropped dramatically as the 400 cleaned out their in boxes and desks.

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