Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Round two for Community meetings this Wednesday

Public Safety, Policing and vandalism will be the topics for the second of three community meetings, this round set for Wednesday evening at the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre from 7 to 9 pm.

This session could prove to be a timely one, with a rash of downtown vandalism striking a number of business locations over the last week or so, providing at least a current example of what has  both downtown merchants and city residents concerned.

Of course, the success of the Wednesday session could hinge on whether or not more of the city's council members choose to attend the consultations, the first edition last month featured only two councillors, Councillor Ashley and Councillor Garon, as well as a number of city employees, a group that at times appears to have out numbered the city's residents in attendance.

Last months session took place during an unusually warm and sunny streak in the city, which could have contributed to the low attendance. With October's more traditional weather patterns arriving this week, the prospect of an indoor session on a windy rainy night could be the ingredient to better attendance.

The reviews of the first session on September 16 were provided by The Northern View, while a discussion thread on the local information portal htmf, provided a look at what some members of the community thought about the process and value of these sessions.

Councillor Ashley has also added a second thread to the htmf portal, this one with details on the second session, which has already received a bit of attention from those that log on and contribute.

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