Monday, March 08, 2010

It's the economy Weekend Edition (Saturday- Sunday, March 6 and 7)

As went Ireland, so goes America,  Iceland will take years to clear debt load, and  poll anticipation is pummelling the pound, some of the items of note for the Weekend.

Globe and Mail-- Greece kicks off global rescue tour
Globe and Mail-- Voters in Iceland reject debt deal
National Post-- Soros is right about capitalism
National Post-- Abitibi reaches deal with union
National Post-- What a difference a year makes at PDAC
New York Times-- At the Last Minute, a Disney-Cablevision Truce
New York Times-- Program Will Pay Homeowners to Sell at a Loss
New York Times-- An Irish Mirror
USA Today-- More temp workers are becoming permanent
USA Today-- How would health care overhaul help young people?
Guardian UK online-- Government must 'take back control' of North Sea oil and gas production
Guardian UK online-- Iceland will take many years to clear its debt to Britain, says Alistair Darling
Guardian UK online-- Nicolas Sarkozy pledges French support for beleaguered Greek economy
Times online-- We can’t just inflate our way out of the crisis
Times online-- Pension black holes could swallow growth
Telegraph UK online-- A weak pound is no substitute for making tough decisions on debt
Telegraph UK online-- Getting into Japan needs strong nerves - and a stronger stomach
Telegraph UK online-- Bleak outlook for pound on back of election fears
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Helping the poor a matter of dollars and sense
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Jobs point the way
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- McDonald's rejects push to have more halal-serving outlets
People's Daily-- China's easy monetary policy to remain unchanged: official
China Daily-- China voices cautious optimism on exports recovery
China Daily-- More efforts needed to reach energy saving goal:NDRC
Times of India-- India Inc may hire more women this yr: Experts
Times of India-- GM to expand R&D activities in India, to hire 400 engineers

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